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Tina Knowles Shares Beyoncé Was Bullied Growing Up

Klaudia//June 2, 2024
Tough girl is what Beyoncé had to be when facing school bullies.

In fact, the "Texas Hold ‘Em" singer's mother Tina Knowles reflected on her favorite memories of her childhood, and shared that Queen Bey went through some struggles in school.

"Beyoncé—she was very shy, and she got bullied a bit," Tina shared in a Vogue video posted May 27. "But the day that she stood up for someone—she didn't stand up for herself but she stood up for them, I'm getting emotional talking about it—I couldn't have been more proud."

And while Tina visibly teared up when describing Beyoncé's school days, she also gushed about her other daughter, Solange and Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, who lived with the Knowles family from a young age.

"Solange, she was only in about fifth grade and she was out getting petitions signed," Tina added. "So she was always an activist."

As for Kelly, Tina noted, "I remember her being this little peacemaker."

And the fashion designer, 70, went on to emphasize the uniqueness between the women.

"Each child is different!" Tina continued in her caption of the reshared video. "But all so special. I believe kids are born with their personalities. My three girls all handled things very differently. Learn their personalities and respect the individuality."

The philanthropist reiterated her love for her children with some parenting advice.

"Never compare the negatives, always praise the positive differences and pay attention to the things that you can brag on about them," she continued. "They love it and it encourages positive behavior."