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31 May 2020

New Facebook Page

05 May 2020

Beyoncé Online #40

03 Aug 2019


30 Aug 2018

New Gallery Layout

04 Aug 2018


07 May 2018

Beyoncé Online #39

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Vacation Hiatus

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New Facebook Page

Klaudia//May 31, 2020
Hi guys! Unfortunately, our previous Facebook page was deleted and I was not able to restore it. I had to create a new one and we're starting from scratch so please help spread the word so everyone can find it again!


Klaudia//August 3, 2019
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving tomorrow morning and won't be updating the website for over two weeks. Once I'm back you can expect all the updates. See you!

New Gallery Layout

Klaudia//August 30, 2018
Surprise! Here's a new layout for our photo gallery that I've been working on for some time now. Just like the main website, it's fully responsive. I hope you'll enjoy this new look. Tell me what you think!


Klaudia//August 4, 2018
Hi guys! I'm leaving today for almost two weeks and won't be able to update the website. Every missing update will be added once I'm back. See you soon!

Beyoncé Online #39

Klaudia//May 7, 2018
Since the On the Run II Tour starts in just one month, I decided to design a new Beyoncé & Jay-Z layout for the website! I've been working really hard on it so I hope you'll like it! I know that many of you visit the site on your mobile phones so the new lay is fully responsive. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Beyoncé Online Forum

Klaudia//March 7, 2018
The Beyoncé Online Forum is officially open! Since there hasn't been a place for the BeyHive for a while now, we've been working on launching a new community for Bey fans and it's finally here! Spread the word, invite your friends and start posting and creating new topics now!

Vacation Hiatus

Klaudia//August 5, 2017
I'm just writing to let you know that tomorrow I'm leaving for vacation and I'll be gone for most of the month with a short break between 17th-19th August, so I'll try to add any missing updates then, and if not, you can expect all news and photos in the last week of August. See you soon!

Beyonce Online is back!

Klaudia//August 17, 2015
Beyonce Online is finally back online! As I let you know on our Facebook page, after returning from my trip I found out that our hosting has closed down and I had to find a new one and transfer the website. Huge thanks to for becoming our new host and helping with the transfer! I'm still fixing some of the settings but everything should work properly in a few hours. Stay tuned for all the missing updates from the last two weeks!

Beyoncé Online #37

Klaudia//March 21, 2015
For the last few weeks I've been working on a new layout for the website and finally you can see the results! This time I decided to do something a little lighter. What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments!

BTW, we celebrated 10 years online in November and I would like to thank everyone for supporting and visiting the website over the years! I can't believe it's already been so long! Moves to!

Klaudia//January 14, 2014
As you may have noticed, the website was down for a few hours - that's because I was moving it to a brand new domain! The website's name will also change to Beyoncé Online so that it's easier for people who don't know it to find it. Please start using the new address because will be accessible only until May.

I also have to reupload the whole photo gallery because of problems with my hosting so you may not be able to view some of the pictures for a while. I'll try to sort everything out as soon as possible, but please be patient!

Remember to spread the word about the new address and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Naughty Bee #36

Klaudia//January 5, 2014
Here's a little surprise I've been working on for some time now — a brand new layout visually matching the artwork of Beyonce's new album! I hope all of you will enjoy this version of the website. Feel free to leave your comments!

Naughty Bee #35

Klaudia//July 12, 2013
I finally had some time to design a new layout for the website. What do you think about it? Feel free to leave your comments!

I also added one new wallpaper to the download section.