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Tina Knowles on Beyoncé's natural hair

Klaudia//May 25, 2024
Tina Knowles talked to about her daughter's natural hair and more.

There’s been a lot of conversation since Beyoncé posted a video of her 'Cécred Sunday' haircare routine. When she showed of her long, healthy natural hair, it sparked commentary about when, where and how she chooses to show her natural hair. Why do you think people are so fixated on that?

Beyoncé wears wigs a lot, right? She's been open and vocal about that. You know, in the first of couple years (of her performing), she didn’t want anything in her hair — no kind of extensions, nothing. And then she learned that with all the curling, sweating and all of that, it was important to wear wigs sometimes to protect her real hair and also easily transition between looks.

A lot of times, we are seeing her hair, but people assume it's a wig. So that's always started a lot of chatter, like, "Oh, she doesn't have any hair. She’s baldheaded."

What was really important to us is that Cécred, as a brand, is bigger than her. We didn’t want her to take away the attention of how great the products were. Yes, people buy them because Beyoncé uses them. But she wanted people to really get to know and understand the breadth of the brand before she shared how she herself uses it.

She actually shot that video when we did the launch in February, but she just did not want it out, because she didn't want herself to be the focus. And the more they said, "Oh she won’t show us her hair," the more she didn’t want to show it. So we had a hard time getting her to finally put that video out.

Curious, do you still work with Beyoncé when it comes to her hair for touring?

No, she’s got it. She’s got great people around her for hair. What I do consult on is the wardrobe and picking the stylists. Dealing with the wardrobe is something I still really, really enjoy.

Last question. I know you can’t tell us much, but I have to ask: What can you tell us about Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' Act III?

Not a thing! Nothing, nope. Or I will be banned somewhere far, far away!